Chips & Salsa Tex-Mex restaurant: A slow and frustrating start concludes on a satisfying note

Nestled between Naaman Forest Blvd. and President George Bush Turnpike in Garland, TX., Chips & Salsa Tex-Mex & Cantina is hard to miss. We stopped by to check it out!

Chips & Salsa restaurant has a catchy name and resides in a convenient location, so I was eager to try it. Finally, over the weekend, I made plans to stop by with high expectations, because, a restaurant with the name of one of the best appetizers in the world (we are in Texas, after all), has to be delicious. All in all, I wasn’t disappointed by the food and the service was very friendly, but I do have a few things to say about the long wait.

If you’re a patient person, walk in to Chips & Salsa, so long as you don’t walk in too hungry. I stopped by with the family on a Saturday, with only 3-4 other tables already inside. Our drink order was taken, but it took a while for the chips and salsa to be brought to us. In fact, one of the waiters asked in surprise, “did you guys not want any chips and salsa?” We responded that we definitely did and were still waiting on it.

The waiter happily brought chips and salsa after that, along with a complimentary queso for the wait. We were happy campers. In the end, the chips and salsa were delicious enough to make up for it. But the waiting continued.

We found ourselves waiting for 30 minutes for a kid’s meal, nachos, and an entrée. To make matters worse, we noticed that a table who ordered before us was still waiting after our food was delivered.

What appeared to be the manager (perhaps even the owner?) stopped by their table to apologize and offer some sort of discount for the wait. Glad that wasn’t us, we stopped by with two hungry young kids so the waiting was already frustrating enough.

When our food arrived, just like the chips and salsa, we were satisfied. The food was tasty, arrived warm, and we were quickly full (though, perhaps we felt more full from the long minutes of munching on chips and salsa). However, for the time it took, the food wasn’t brilliant. Still, at least we left with our bellies content and full.

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If you are craving Tex-Mex food and live in the area, stop by Chips & Salsa, just expect to wait a little longer. As for the prices, I found them just a tad high compared to what you get. Don Arturo’s, for example, offers the same quality and flavor for a few bucks less.