30 High Tech Kitchen Items You Can Buy on Amazon

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Cuisinart Waffle Iron
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Cuisinart Waffle Iron ($50.98)

This unique vertical design makes waffle-making a breeze. Pour in the batter from the top to the indicator line so there’s minimal mess. The indicator lights tell you when the waffle iron is preheated and ready to use and temperature adjustable settings and non-stick plates helps making waffles a breeze.  Whether you like your waffles well done or a little pale, this compact waffle iron will make a great tool for a waffle-loving household.

Quick and easy with nothing to no mess! The instructions were simple to follow. The manufacturer suggests cooking on setting 3, but for those of you that like your waffles a little crispy on the outside like me, go with setting 4! You do have a little excess that comes out with the waffle when you poured the batter from the top (refer to pic), but you can always cut that off. I use it as little waffle dippers when I have kids in the house! Thank you Im Yoona for the suggestion!” — P. Bejar

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