Is HomeGoods open on the Fourth of July?

Is there anything better than wandering the aisles of HomeGoods and browsing through the new items? Maybe not. From checking out the kitchen towels to the many glasses (water glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses), we love finding new things for our kitchen and home.

And whether you need (or want) some last minute goodies to take your Fourth of July gathering to the next level or you actually need extra plates, towels, and even treats, you might be wondering whether or not you can head to the closest HomeGoods and get your holiday shopping on.

For us, we hit up HomeGoods as much for the fluffy pillows and throw blankets as we do the kitchen and dining goods. Plus, they are really good about offering holiday themed decor, which means if you are looking for some last minute Fourth of July decor and kitchenware, you will likely be in luck.

But what if that last minute shopping happens to be on the Fourth of July itself? Can we head on over and get our shop on?

Will HomeGoods be open on the Fourth of July?

According to HomeGoods themselves, they will be open on the Fourth of July. However, in many cases, they will be operating with reduced hours. We checked our local store and learned that they will actually be closing early on Independence Day.

While they would normally be open 9:30 AM until 9:30 PM on a Monday, in honor of the Fourth of July, they will actually be closing at 8 PM instead. Honestly, that still gives us plenty of time to get any shopping done.

We definitely recommend checking with your local store to make sure that they are not opening later or closing earlier if you want to head out and grab some new dishes or that super cure Peanuts themed serving bowl set.

If you are looking for more store and restaurant hours for the Fourth of July, check out the rest of our holiday coverage on Guilty Eats.