The best Christmas foods in all 50 states

Sweet Holiday Travel: Cookie Baking Cabins Arrive For 2022. Courtesy of Johnny Miller
Sweet Holiday Travel: Cookie Baking Cabins Arrive For 2022. Courtesy of Johnny Miller /
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47. Washington

Featured Dish: Mulled Wine

Three Words to Describe It: Warm, Delicious, Adult-Friendly

Mulled Wine is also known as or sometimes called Spiced Wine. This is definitely something for the age-appropriate adults to enjoy this year. It’s usually made with some sort of your favorite type of red wine, alongside some raisins as well (weird, but okay). It’s either served hot or warm, never cold. Here are some (5) super easy steps to try and make your own this year!

  • Get your favorite red wine (there are some white wine recipes out there too)
  • Pick our your favorite fruits among oranges, lemons, limes, or even apples and pears
  • Use your mulling spices, such as cinnamon, star anise, cloves, ginger, and cardamom pods
  • Pick your sweetener (around this time of year, lots of people use apple cider – yum)
  • Think about using other liquors, such as brandy, orange bitters, or even some bourbon

Add in some vanilla for some added sweetness as well! Vanilla is always the better way to go!

Have you tried this delicious holiday treat yet? Your thoughts? Let’s hear it!

48. West Virginia

Featured Dish: Hot Buttered Rum

Three Words to Describe It: Warm, Sweet, Adult-Friendly

Here’s yet another adult-friendly drink to include at your next holiday party this year (and beyond)! While I have heard of a Hot Buttered Rum before, I’ve never had one. Here’s what’s in one: rum, hot water or (apple) cider, sweetener, various spices. Typically, these are made by literally just mixing and warming everything together – yes, it’s that super simple! HBR’s date back to colonial times and are often associated with the holiday and Christmas seasons alike! Thoughts on HBR’s?