The best Christmas foods in all 50 states

Sweet Holiday Travel: Cookie Baking Cabins Arrive For 2022. Courtesy of Johnny Miller
Sweet Holiday Travel: Cookie Baking Cabins Arrive For 2022. Courtesy of Johnny Miller /
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13. Illinois

Featured Dish: Nutella Pumpkin Pie & Venison Stuffing

Three Words to Describe It: Nutty, Sweet, Classic & Unique, Classic, Delicious

First up is the Nutella Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie is Illinois’ top pie and holiday dessert according to various surveys and studies. People make chocolate pumpkin desserts all the time! Why not elevate it with the most delicious chocolate spread for a sweet and nutty surprise!

Second up is the Venison Stuffing. Venison is super popular to hunt out here in Illinois, especially around this time, so why not take a classic holiday side dish and add in some delicious meatiness. It’s not super hard or time consuming to make, but it will surely impress all of your guests!

Have you tried this delicious holiday treat yet? Your thoughts? Let’s hear it!

14. Indiana

Featured Dish: Shrimp Cocktail

Three Words to Describe It: Iconic, Seaside, Bite-y

This, for some odd reason, is a super popular holiday appetizer in Indiana. It’s a good one at that! Shrimp Cocktail is something that everyone likes. It’s also an appetizer where, if you wanna bring something to a holiday get-together, but don’t feel like truly cooking or making anything, swing by your most favorite local grocery store and pick one up. The trick to make it look like you did it all yourself is to go to the Dollar Store and grab a plastic platter – arrange it all nice and boom, done!