Real life Artie Ziff lands helicopter at McDonald’s to grab some food (Video)


Famous Simpsons character Artie Ziff is a real life person and landed his helicopter at a McDonalds to get food before flying away.

If you listen to social  media, then you might be under the impression that the only way to be a Big Baller is to buy a $500 pair of crappy shoes. But for everyone thinking that LaVar Ball is giving being a Big Baller a bad name, the real life Artie Ziff is here to correct course.

This weekend in Sydney, a still unnamed pilot landed his helicopter on the front lawn of a McDonalds (Australia is so classy). All the man wanted was some Big Mac’s in his life, the only difference between us and him is he has a helicopter and we have crappy beaters.

Just watch, as the footage is as Wolf of Wall Street as it gets:

This guy is basically Artie Ziff from The Simpsons come to life. How sweet must your life be that you low key decide to hit up McDonald’s in your helicopter. People were reportedly concerned about seeing a helicopter land at a McDonald’s, and you can’t kill them for feeling that way. He landed his helicopter at a McDonald’s — no matter how many times you say it, that’s not normal.

Also, this seems like it is highly illegal but according to Australian law, it’s not:

"The  Civil Aviation Safety Authority says that as long as the pilot had the permission of the land owner, the pilot could technically use it to land his aircraft and get some grub as long as it was safe."

Forget what LaVar says, that is Big Baller.