Welcome to Guilty Eats, the Fast Food and guilty eating pleasure site from FanSided. Guilty Eats will provide top-notch news about menus, specials, promotions, health information for the fast food, restaurant industry, as well as news from Food TV. We are dedicated to providing original content and opinions with like-minded people about the simple guilty eating pleasures we all have.

Meet The Team

Alexander Zalben

Lead Editor, Lifestyle | Host/Producer: http://comicbookclublive.com | Buy my books: http://amzn.to/3t0NB2t | Sure, I’ll be on your podcast | He/Him | http://linktr.ee/azalben


Camila Domingues

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Camila is a mother and nerd. She began her writing journey in 2017 with her personal blog, Twinfessions, which propelled her into contributing to Twiniversity, a platform for parents of multiples, before joining A Blog of Thrones to write about the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. She is now an Entertainment Staff Writer writing content for Bam Smack Pow, Winter is Coming, Hidden Remote, Redshirts Always Die, Dork Side of the Force, AudioPhix, Anime Away, Guilty Eats, The Parent Watch, and App Trigger. In her spare time, she likes to listen to electronica, create digital art, play video games and D&D, practice and teach Ludosport, attend LARP events, and spend time with her twins and friends.


Kimberley Spinney

I am a freelance writer who has been working in the online media industry since 2014. I have covered everything from entertainment news to health and lifestyle. I'm a self-professed foodie and dog lover, with a passion for reading and travel! You can find me sharing my love of food on Guilty Eats, my love of dogs on Dog O'Day, and a variety of entertainment, pop culture, travel and beauty stories over on Culturess and Tea and Banter as well. [Have a story idea/pitch/question? KDSpinney@gmail.com]


Rebecca Mills

Rebecca Mills is an entertainment writer who loves Bob's Burgers, romance books, and tacos.


Sandy C.

Sandy Casanova is the Editor of Hidden Remote. She has been a member of the FanSided network since 2015 and has contributed to multiple sites across the entertainment division, including NetflixLife.com, GuiltyEats.com, Fansided.com, and DogODay.com. [Got a pitch? Reach out to Sandy at sandra.casanova@fansided.com]


Beth Rush

Beth is the Managing Editor and content manager at Body+Mind. She shares knowledge on a variety of topics related to food, fitness, and nutrition. Subscribe to Body+Mind for more posts by Beth Rush!

Parish Hodges

#PurpleHairedPrincess. I've dabbled in all things media including radio and producing. I can write about anything, but Movies+TV+Food=❤


Sarah Perchikoff

Sarah is a writer and blogger who loves watching too much TV, participating in different fandoms, and reading until the early hours of the morning. She currently cohabitates with her miniature dachshund, Gracie.


Trey Weston

Trey is a freelance writer who loves writing about movies, sports, and food. When not writing, he enjoys making music, performing comedy, doing play-by-play broadcasting, and traveling to new places. He also hosted a podcast called Trey Talk, which will return from hiatus in the near future.


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