Taco Bell is swerving out of its lane, is testing Nacho Fries


Taco Bell is swerving way out of its cuisine lane and is now serving Nacho Fries at select locations across America.

Few things are sacred anymore in this country, and the last domino might have fallen. No, the nuclear codes haven’t been used (yet), rather the usually consistent Taco Bell is bobbing-and-weaving into new territory with a totally non-Taco Bell cuisine.

Actually, that’s completely unfair — maybe.

Taco Bell is testing Nacho Fries in West Virginia, something they’ve been doing for a handful of months now in California. This points to the inevitable introduction of french fries to the traditionally Tex-Mex fast food digest.

While the impulse is to criticize Taco Bell for going “mainstream” with their fast food, this is actually a total Taco Bell move. These people have zero shame when it comes to concocting dastardly (mostly) edible cuisine with just about every combination on their menu. It must be fun working on the Taco Bell product development team, and I mean that sincerely. Imagine sitting around a board room cooking up food ideas like the Grande Scrambler or the Breakfast Burrito Fiesta Potato — that’s the dream.

Nacho Fries are just the next evolution of this creative team and frankly we should all be excited about what they have next. That team is hitting their stride at the right time and they’re on a streak that seemingly can’t be broken. If you’re not intrigued by the Nacho Fries, you should probably learn to stop lying to yourself.

As of now there’s no word on when these Nacho Fries will go nationwide but strap in and (un)buckle, it’s only inevitable that we’ll see them pop up in a store near us soon.