Good morning to everyone, but especially Einstein Bros for creating caffeinated bagels


Einstein Bros Bagels did everyone a solid and created Espresso Buzz Bagels so you can get caffeine with your coffee.

Behold your new secret weapon for bad, tired and or hungover mornings, courtesy of national bagel chain, Einstein Bros. The Espresso Buzz Bagel, available now, has a “bold flavor” and 32 MGs of caffeine, which Eater explains is equivalent to one third of a cup of regular brewed coffee. So, less than a normal cup of coffee but more than a normal bagel. (Honestly, we’re not going to blame you if you get a coffee to pair with your coffee bagel.)

You can also get the Espresso Buzz Bagel as the base of a breakfast sandwich—with egg, cheese and bacon—though it is our unfortunate duty to inform you such an order is a casual 600 calories i.e. a Big Mac worth of calories for breakfast.

Einstein Bros also leveraged the Espresso Buzz Bagels as part of a delightful Nurses’ Day promotion, during which time all nurses could get a free much-needed caffeinated bagel at participating locations.

Now, if you’re one of those people who likes caffeine more in theory than in flavor, or if you’re trying to cut back on caffeine and be healthy, don’t worry. Einstein Bros, those geniuses, know you add buckets of energy to bagels by way of other sources too.

The Espresso Buzz Bagels are just one of the three “Boosted Bagels” Einstein Bros offers. The Savory Parm Bagel—also available as a “Hot Parm and Bacon” with bacon, eggs and “warm parmesan shmear”—aims to pump you up with protein, iron and vitamin B. And the Cherry Chia Bagel is baked with cherry and chia seeds (obviously) plus oats for fiber, protein and omega 3s. Of course, you can also get the Cherry Chia as a sandwich. Einstein Bros recommends a ham and swiss cheese pairing.

Now with that all in mind—go forth and get energized. Conquer the day and all that.