Some Australian devil invented avocado lattes – avolattes, if you will


An Australian barista unleashed a plague of latte-filled avocados across Instagram and the internet.

When it comes to new food mashups, there is a fine line between “wow that is a great idea” and “what in tarnation have you done.” Avocado lattes — “avolattes,” if you will — are firmly on the tarnation side of that line, but that hasn’t stopped the internet, specifically Instagram, from losing its collective mind over the trend.

Let’s be very clear: This is warm milk and a little coffee if a dirty empty avocado peel which P.S. is also a terribly flimsy vessel out of which to drink anything. You are going to spill latte on yourself before you can even get your well-lit snap.

In the words of its creator, it’s ridiculous, “it’s literally coffee in a piece of rubbish.”

Like so many other terribly irresponsible creations, it was born of boredom. A Melbourne, Australia barista named Jaydin Nathan at Truman Cafe posted a video of himself pouring a latte into a hollowed out avocado. Then, people started arriving at the cafe asking for and ordering “avolattes.”  (Quick rule of thumb: Just because you’re bored, doesn’t mean you should eat something. Or drink something. Or Instagram something.) The Australian Associated Press reports that Truman Cafe sold four. They priced them the same as a regular coffee because, let’s remember, they are serving them in garbage.

Avocado lattes have since migrated across the world as all aesthetically pleasing but highly impractical things do, by way of Instagram. There has been no, to our knowledge, evidence of how one goes about drinking the avolatte, though one has to imagine you can only approach it like a very tenuous tea cup or a very large shot.

From a flavor standpoint, it’s perhaps worth considering, for a moment, the value of an avolatte. First, does the avocado provide any flavor? Is the amount of avocado flavor determined by the thickness of the avocado layer in the avocado peel cup? Does avocado blend nicely with coffee?

It really doesn’t matter. Like all jokes that become Too Real, avolatte creator Nathan changed his tune from “ridiculous” to “maybe some people thought it was meant to be a joke, but food is meant to be fun. Food is meant to be art.”

And lo, now we have lattes in avocados. Aspiring millennial home-owners may never recover.