Fall into a black hole watching galaxy bagels be made


Watching galaxy bagels get made is arguably more enticing than ordering one.

We cover a lot of interesting, delightful and disgusting food innovations. It comes with the territory of a blog about guilt-free food consumption. The Galaxy Bagel, at first glance, seems pretty standard fare. Glittery, multi-colored and extremely unnatural looking, it’s prime for both strong takes and Instagram, the patron saints of food blogs.

But what’s really worth the click is watching the Galaxy Bagel get made. The creation, courtesy of Brooklyn’s The Bagel Store, has swirls of black, pink, blue and purple and is covered in pink and blue edible glitter. It’s nuts. But again: not as nuts as the making-of video.

Check it out below.

Just looking at the title card is wild because if you were to show that to 10 random people on the street, chances are very low they would guess “bagel dough” when asked what they were looking at. The proportion feels off too  — when the guy swings in with the blue layer and to cut it down the middle, you get a sense of just how massive this stack of colorful bagel dough is.

Yes, the rest of the video is neat too, but really we just can’t stop watching the blue dough get pulled across the surface of others and sliced down the middle. It’s transfixing. It sucks you in, not unlike a black hole.

You may have picked up on the fact that the dough in question is not black, blue and purple as the Galaxy Bagel calls for, but rather, a rainbow assortment of colors better suited for, perhaps, a Rainbow Bagel.

You would be right and The Bagel Store debuted The Rainbow Bagel back in 2016. The Rainbow Bagel, then, is the ur text for all the other colorful creations and dough/glitter pairings you can choose from. To click on The Bagel Store’s Instagram is to enter a veritable Munchkinland of color.

Explore at your own risk, we’ll just be here staring at the dough pile some more.