Cheers to summer with Wendy’s new 2017 FruiTea Chillers flavors


Wendy’s special summer 2017 FruiTea flavors are here and they may or may not be inspired by Drake.

Fruity and refreshing drinks are a special subsection of seasonal fast food delights. At Wendy’s, they’re called FruiTea Chillers and, as the name suggests, they’re fruit-forward drinks with a tea base. Wendy’s also likes to introduce new summer flavors and in 2017 they’ll be offering their own take on the very trendy and very ugly passionfruit.

Available just in time for your Memorial Day weekend festivities, Mango Peach and Strawberry Passion replace past flavors, Blueberry Pineapple and Orange Mango. Also returning for the summer is the classic Honest Tropical Green Tea flavor, a fan favorite according to Wendy’s.

FruiTea Chillers are made with an Organic Honest Tropical Green Tea base and hand shaken with juice and fruit puree. The Mango Peach drink involves real mango and peach puree, while Strawberry Passion uses strawberries and passionfruit juice.

Passionfruit is an aggressively trendy choice for the fast food chain, one you may or may not choose to credit to pop / rap superstar Drake. Passionfruit has been popping up everywhere fruit toppings are found and fruit flavors are infused — yogurt, smoothies, craft beer, mimosas, etc. Drake, as you may recall, released a potential Song of the Summer that shares the fruit’s name in March. Connection? Coincidence? You decide.

Now, the only thing that goes together as well as food and Instagram is Drake lyrics and Instagram captions. Which means, whether you choose to believe Wendy is marketing to the Drake demographic or not, you may still want to reference “Passionfruit” during your Chiller experience. We would recommend the lines “passionate from miles away” or “passin’ up on my old ways,” but not “passive with the things you say” — unless your FruiTea Chiller Instagram is in fact also a subtweet in which case, proceed.