Fidget spinner cookies are the must-have Memorial Day dessert


Clearly Cookies, a Dallas bakery, have done the world a service by creating edible fidget spinners in sugar cookie form.

If, for some reason, you still haven’t heard of fidget spinners, a) where are you and do you need help and b) that’s about to change with whatever Memorial Day plans you have. Chances are, if you’re in the company of children, teens or adults i.e. if you’re in the company of anyone, you’ll likely encounter at least one, possibly five to 10, fidget spinners. Pray that they are in cookie form.

Confused? Fidget spinners are the trendy toy du jour favored by teenagers and adults alike. They’re also, now, cookies you can buy in Dallas or try your darndest to make at home.

A bakery in Dallas, called Clearly Cookies, recently debuted its fidget spinner cookies. They appear to be pretty standard sugar cookies, but they are shaped and decorated to look like fidget spinners, right down to the knob you grasp and aerodynamic holes.

Like all good things, fidget spinners have already come under fire for being both distracting and dangerous. Jokes aside, kids have choked on parts, which isn’t terribly surprising as the spinners are, after all, cheap, small plastic toys. The cookies, of course, are intended to be put in your mouth and, in perhaps what is a great public service, they can also be spun.

See for yourself below.

Yes, you can’t do tricks. Yes, it spins very slowly. Yes, mom always said never play with your food. And yes, touching any food this much is kind of gross.

All good points. Still, the novelty is very real and one has to appreciate the fact the cookie is constructed in such a way that it functions like a real fidget spinner too.

If you’re a master baker and/or live in the Dallas area, we have to imagine that bringing fidget spinner cookies to wherever your Memorial Day plans take you is a power move. You’ll have an instant in with the cool kids and be the envy of all adults. Godspeed.