Does this bowl of Trix look wrong to you?


Today in Health Ruins Everything: Twitter is not on board with all-natural Trix cereal.

Trix, the General Mills cereal known for its bright colors and wacky rabbit mascot, has Twitter in a tizzy. The brand has been gradually rolling out new versions of the cereal after vowing to remove artificial flavors and colors from the recipe. And every time a new photo hits Twitter, a minor fire storm ensues because look at this goddamn bullshit.

Back in the glory days, Trix was aggressively colored. Neon green, vibrant red, bright turquoise. Moreover, Trix came in somewhat fruit-related shapes. Sure, you couldn’t really identify what any of the shapes were supposed to be, but they were unique and special and delightful. Now, Trix just looks like off-brand Cap’n Crunch Berries.

In the words of @warmsynths, Trix now lacks “all its vibrancy, joy and optimism.”

General Mills has dutifully responded to the haters since 2016, when this roll out first began. They apologize for the disappointment and explain that the difference is because they removed artificial colors, which is a good thing. As for the shapes, they promise to pass the feedback along to their team. It’s actually impressive the number of ways they’ve come up with to say the same message.

Still, we can’t rule out that this is, in fact, an extremely on-brand conspiracy. Trix, as we all learned growing up, is for kids. And because so many of the Twitter Trix vigilantes are no longer kids, this disappointment is, perhaps, their due.

In any case, it appears prime childhood cereal was just another victim of a garbage 2016, a fact we shall continued to be reminded of any time someone, hoping to grasp at something sweet and nostalgic from the past, discovers with shock and horror that it’s not what they remembered. Let that be a lesson to all.