Hamptons Rosé Drive Thru is very on brand for the Hamptons


Fast food, Hamptons-style, is just rosé from a drive thru.

Memorial Day weekend has passed, which means we’re officially into “summering” season, for those who “summer.” Among East Coasters who summer, many summer in the Hamptons. If this seems very foreign to you, that’s all right. We’re sure you’re familiar with drive thrus. And rosé. Everyone knows / loves rosé. Turns out, they all go together rather well.

A Long Island winery, Wölffer Estate Vineyard, produces a beloved rosé, which they recently announced will now be even more accessible than ever. Behold, the Rosé Drive Thru, complete with a cute pink and white striped cart that may or may not be perfect for Instagram.

Rosé is exceptionally trendy and its popularity shows no signs of abating. It shows up in gummy bears and glitter and even pineapples. A rosé over a sno-cone is a frosé. Bros who like the pink wine drink brosé. You can even get one of the world’s best rosés for a casual $8.

Meanwhile, back at the Wölffler drive thru, you can buy a case of the “estate rosé” for $195 or a case of the “summer in a bottle” rosé for $260. The drive thru attendants will even load the car for you, which is rather nice of them.

The winery’s co-owner, Joey Wölffer, told Business Insider:

"The rosé drive thru had been a dream of mine for awhile and we are so glad it’s come to fruition. We are all about serving our community and this is just another example of that!"

Congratulations to Joey on achieving this dream. Congratulations to the Hamptons community for achieving peak Hamptons and peak rosé simultaneously. And congratulations to all of us for being alive at a time of such luxury.

The Rosé Drive Thru will be open Fridays and Saturdays on holiday weekends this summer from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.