Apparently Subway has a Fritos Chicken sandwich


Subway, concocter of an endless string of questionable culinary creations, might have just topped themselves.

You know that feeling when you’re almost done with your work day but there’s still too much time to keep putting off lunch. That’s typically when Subway enters your life with its comfortable selections of processed deli meats and super saturated breads.

But what if I told you the Subway rabbit hole went way deeper for some of us? What if, when wrestling your hanger, could choose something that didn’t taste like salty cardboard — or at the very least attempted to be something other than.

What if Subway had a Fritos Chicken Sub?

Apparently it’s a thing, it’s not a huge thing. In fact, it’s likely a local thing as one Redditor points out.

Strap in, because this was just the tip of the revelation.

The OP’s comment led to a brief but surprisingly engaging conversation about Fritos Chicken subs. It’s not that the idea of the sub is that fascinating, it’s that apparently the chicken concoctions get crazier.

Wait, what?

You’re telling me that this whole time we’ve been eating garbage overpriced turkey sandwiches we could easily make at home, we could have been rolling deep with chicken enchilada frito subs?

When I saw that, it was like when Neo took the blue pill and found out his whole life had been a lie. What kind of sick Matrix game is Subway playing with us where some parts of the world have what sounds like amazing trash while the rest of us have to put up with bland trash?

There has to be way to make this thing go for a nation-wide test. They have petitions for every stupid thing in the world. Forget the Fritos Chicken, that’s the gateway sub to the main event. How is it that we haven’t been approached on the street corner to sign for the mass production of the Chicken Enchilada Fritos Sub?

I’d stop pretending to be on the phone to co-sign for that.