Taco Bell debuts breakfast salsa because they care about you


Have you ever enjoyed Mexican food for breakfast and thought, this is great, but this salsa is really more of a night salsa?

Yes? No? No matter, Taco Bell is introducing breakfast salsa to the menu whether you want it or not. Breakfast salsa is, apparently, the perfect heat level for breakfast, when, according to Taco Bell, you want a food-complementing heat but not an overwhelming heat.

Taco Bell has a respectable breakfast menu for a fast food chain. Breakfast quesadilla, breakfast burritos, breakfast tacos, skillet bowls. (Basically, your normal Taco Bell fare but with eggs.) They also have hash browns and the dangerously enticing Breakfast Crunchwrap California, which involves eggs, bacon, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole all on top of a hash brown wrapped in a quesadilla.

Lest you ruin any of this with salsa better suited for lunch, dinner or a fourth meal, Taco Bell set you up with breakfast salsa too.

Delish reports that a press release from the chain describes the salsa as:

"…especially for breakfast and it “packs just enough heat to complement the breakfast flavors you love, without being overwhelmingly hot.”"

Because no one likes to start their morning with too much heat.

According to Reddit, Taco Bell also offers a breakfast salsa called Salsa del Sol and they’ve done so since the dawn of the breakfast menu. You can, technically, get Salsa del Sol all day, but they put it out and/or offer it mainly in the morning. It’s not particularly clear whether this is the same salsa in a different packaging or where Salsa del Sol falls on the heat-packing spectrum. Salsa del Sol, generally, is a hot sauce, closer to picante than not, so one can hypothesize that it is hotter than the new breakfast salsa, but less hot than mid-day or late-night hot sauce.

Who knew the relative heat of hot sauce could change by the hour of the day.