Frothy egg white cocktails, an incredible way to celebrate National Egg Day


Celebrate National Egg Day with a twist on the incredible, edible egg. Frothy egg white cocktails are easier than you think.

June 3 is National Egg Day. Instead of serving a sunny side up egg or scrambled eggs to celebrate the day, mix up a frothy egg white cocktail. These drinks aren’t just for the master mixologist. The at-home bartender can easily make one of these delicious and pretty drinks.

Egg whites are used in many cocktails, but most often appear in classic sour cocktails. Cocktails, like a pisco sour, have a frothy egg white component. While the egg white doesn’t add much flavor, it does add a silky, creamy texture. Without adding heavy cream, which can weigh down a cocktail, the egg white adds a smoothness while retaining a crisp, light taste.

The key to making egg whites frothy in a cocktail is vigorous, almost aggressive, shake. The strong shaking is your opportunity to show off those big arm muscles. Think of egg white cocktail shaking as the bar version of the shake weight.

Shake and shake again.

Usually when making an egg white cocktail, it is best to shake the cocktail twice. After combining all the ingredients, shake the cocktail vigorously. Second, add the ice and shake again. Before serving, make sure to strain the cocktail to prevent any unsightly egg white globs.

To inspire the at-home mixologist to try an egg white cocktail, 1893 by Pepsi and award winning mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer collaborated on a luscious cocktail. Part of the 1893 Top Shelf bartender program, Ms. Wiznitzer’s cocktail highlights retro flavors with a modern twist.

An award winning mixologist and authority on women and whiskey, Ms. Wiznitzer’s On My Doorstep is a twist on the classic whiskey sour. Currently, whiskey has seen a spike in popularity. This cocktail balances the smokey aspects of whiskey with its floral counterparts. Ms. Wiznitzer and 1893 have graciously shared the recipe for On My Doorstep.

Pam Wiznitzer Shot by Evan Sung, photo provided by PMK•BNC

On My Doorstep, recipe by Pamela Wiznitzer

"On My Doorstep recipeIngredients:1.75 oz Whiskey.75 oz Lemon Juice.5 Spiced Pear Liqueur.5 Demerara syrup (can substitute with simple syrup) On My Doorstep1893 Original Cola1 Egg WhiteRed WineDirections:Put all ingredients (minus 1893 Original Cola) in a shaking tin and dry shake. Open tins, add ice and shake vigorously. Open tins, add cola. Swirl lightly to incorporate and strain into coupe. Garnish with a line of kola powder and float red wine on top."

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Time to put those muscles to work and shake up a frothy egg white cocktail for National Egg Day. Your friends will be jealous of your Instagram worthy cocktail.