Rogue Ales honors National Parks with Pendleton Pale Ale limited edition cans


National Parks celebrate the great beauty, majesty and grandeur of the country. Rogue Ales honors these treasures with Pendleton Pale Ale limited edition cans.

For some, exploring the outdoors brings great pleasure. From rugged hiking to relaxing beaches, U.S.  National Parks are as diverse as the nation itself. Each one is an American treasure. To celebrate both the National Parks and their revolutionary spirit, Rogue Ales released Pendleton Pale Ale limited edition cans.

Rogue Ale has been a leader in the craft beer market. Considered one of the first microbreweries, Rogue Ales has stayed true to its beliefs and vision. The Oregon company blends bold local hops with intriguing flavor combinations. From the more traditional IPAs and ales to the boundary pushing Voodoo Donut and Sriracha brews, Rogue Ales has set itself apart from its competitors.

The limited edition Pendleton Pale Ale cans are a collaboration between Rogue Ales, Pendleton Woolen Mills and the inspirational National Parks. Pendleton Woolen Mills is a brand synonymous with American heritage. Owning and operating the nation’s remaining woolen mills, Pendleton Woolen Mills blends quality craftsmanship with traditional American style in its products.

Rogue Ales describes Pendleton Pale Ale as “a refreshing ode to Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, Yosemite and Mt. Rainer.” The pale ale is delightful for outdoor events and gatherings with friends. The can packaging is perfect for the next big adventure.

“The National Parks revolutionized the outdoors,” said Rogue President, Brett Joyce. “Rogue and our friends at Pendleton Woolen Mills collided to create Pendleton Pale Ale in a package that begs to be taken into the wild and shared with friends.”

Inspired by the majesty of the National Parks, these limited edition Pendleton Pale Ale cans represent four National Parks. Each can is showcases the vibrant blanket colors of the Pendleton Woolen Mill’s National Parks Collection. Whether exploring the great outdoors or relaxing in the backyard, these limited edition cans compel drinkers to appreciate both the moment and the beauty around them.

Pendleton Pale Ale limited edition cans can be found at select retail locations in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and Arizona. Also, these cans can be purchased at Rogue pubs and select Pendleton stores. The cans are sold in six packs. To find additional Rogue sale locations, please use Beer Finder.

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Enjoy the outdoors, follow the unlikely path and celebrate the moment with friends. Grab a limited edition Pendleton Pale can before they are gone.