Pickles on a pizza? Papa John’s bets you will order it


Pickles on a pizza? Pizza toppings are getting crazier. The new Papa John’s Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza features dill pickles. What’s next kimchi?

Pickles can be a divisive food. Long associated with pregnancy cravings, pickles are seeing a resurgence in popularity. From at home pickling kits to even selling single serve packets of pickle juice, pickles seem to be everywhere. Papa John’s is getting on the pickle trend with the Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza that features pickles on a pizza.

The limited time pizza is a pizza-burger mash-up. Basically, the pizza takes a big juicy burger and serves it on a pizza crust. According to Papa John’s “the Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza is layered with beef, hickory-smoked bacon, dill pickle slices, fresh cut Roma tomatoes, Wisconsin Cheddar and real cheese made from mozzarella all layered on our zesty burger sauce. “

This food mash-up offers a lot of flavors in a single slice. Although the company doesn’t describe the zesty burger sauce, my guess is that the sauce is similar to other burger “special sauces.” But the sauce doesn’t make everyone question this frankenfood, the pickles are the controversy.

Adding pickles to this type of pizza doesn’t seem to be a big stretch. Pickles on hamburger are very common. Some people may not prefer pickles with their hamburger, but it isn’t outlandish.
Still, a pickled ingredient on a pizza isn’t uncommon either. Many pizzas come with banana peppers. Those brightly colored peppers have a slightly pickled taste, too. That ingredient doesn’t cause a commotion.

The new Bacon Cheedarburger Pizza was launched with a television promotion featuring Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George. The commercial has George becoming distracted by the delicious aroma of the Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza. Papa John’s hopes that many people will be enticed to try this limited time, summer pizza.

The Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza is just $10 at Papa John’s locations. Additionally, bacon cheddar breadsticks can be purchased for $6. The two limited time menu items will be available through June 25.

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So, pickles on a pizza? Don’t criticize the idea till you try it. Remember all the other crazy foods that sounded unusual and now everyone loves. Can you say sriracha?