What makes a perfect cupcake? Cupcake Lover’s Day celebrations


Moist cake and delicate frosting in a convenient wrapper. The perfect cupcake is simply divine. Cupcake Lover’s Day is a perfect excuse to indulge on this favorite treat.

June 13 is National Cupcake Lover’s Day. For a while, cupcake shops were popping up on all over. With the cute names, these specialized cupcake bakeries were at the height of popularity. Although the saturation of cupcake bakeries has decreased, cupcakes are still and will always be a popular dessert and treat. But, what makes a perfect cupcake?

Everyone can debate cupcake recipes. I’m sure that someone’s grandma has the best cupcake recipe for making a perfect cupcake. Instead of comparing recipes, I want to talk about what really makes a perfect cupcake. Is it the icing to cake ratio? Is it the type of icing? What makes a particular cupcake so craveable?

Math ratios for cupcakes?

For me, the first consideration should be the icing to cake ratio. I want to have a bite of icing with every bite of cake. Yes, I eat cupcakes with a fork. Too little icing makes me sad and too much icing is a sugar overload. Unfortunately, there is no clear mathematically formula (2 inches of cake to 1 inch of icing).

What makes a perfect cupcake? Cupcake Lover’s Day celebrations, photo by Cristine Struble

I have seen some people turn a cupcake into a cupcake sandwich to enhance the icing to cake ratio. But, if I wanted a sandwich dessert, I would order a whoopie pie. I want my fork to be filled with the perfect combination of icing and cake. When this perfect cupcake combination happens, I savor every bite and I feel a little less guilty about my indulgence.

Another factor that I consider is the icing, itself. Buttercream versus whipped cream versus ganache versus some other sweet topping is a debate that has no definitive answer. Everyone has her preference. But, the icing must work with the cake. For example, would you want strawberry butter cream icing on a salted caramel cake? I wouldn’t want this combination. But, a strawberry butter cream icing could be delightful on a lemon chiffon cake. The flavor combinations need to complement each other, not overpower or fight each other.

Debating the perfect cupcake qualities creates a craving for cupcakes. Cupcake Lover’s Day is a perfect reason to enjoy a cupcake (or a couple). While not every cupcake bakery or store will be celebrating this holiday, some establishments will be. In Chicago, Eli’s Bakery Café will offer buy one get one free cupcakes in the store only. SWEET Bakery in Boston is also offering a buy one, get one cupcake special.

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Even if your favorite cupcake bakery isn’t offering a Cupcake Lover’s Day special, the celebration is a good excuse to have another cupcake. Enjoying a perfect cupcake could make your day a little brighter. After all, cupcakes make people happy.