Liger Shake, Arby’s jungle themed mashup shake is fiercer than a unicorn


Another colorful beverage emerges from the jungle. Arby’s new mashup, the Liger Shake, is much fiercer than any unicorn.

The colorful beverage trend continues. Forget the mythical, rainbow colored unicorns. Arby’s goes to the jungle for its new shake. The Liger Shake emerges with tiger inspired colors.

Unlike the unicorn, a liger is a real animal. A liger results from breeding a female tiger and a male lion. Let’s not talk about biology, but this feline animal sounds very fierce. The Arby’s shake references the liger’s coloring, colors of orange and brown.

According to a BusinessWire press release, the “Arby’s Liger Shake is a cross between the brand’s Ultimate Chocolate Shake and Orange Cream Shake with stripes of Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce, resulting in a handsome, liger-like blend of colors that is bursting with rich, sweet flavors.”

While color appeals to the eyes, the shake needs to taste good. Chocolate and orange do work well together. The richness of the chocolate balances the citrus orange. The two contrasting flavors combine to make a craveable frozen treat.

Even though this mashup shake tastes good, does Arby’s really need this concoction? A chocolate shake is great. An orange cream shake is great. The Liger Shake isn’t really necessary. Sure, it makes for fun picture and the name is different. Truthfully, I would have preferred a vanilla and orange cream shake combination. But, that shake wouldn’t have a cool name. It would just be creamsicle.

Arby’s built its brand on the tag line “Inspiring Smiles Through Delicious Experiences.” Would a Liger Shake make you smile? For me, it does. Is this mashup shake a delicious experience? The jury is still out. Go try one for yourself and let us know what you think.

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The Arby’s Liger Shake will be available till the end of June at participating restaurants.