Refreshing summer bourbon cocktails to celebrate National Bourbon Day

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Summer bourbon cocktails, Wild Flip at Cantina Laredo, photo provided by Edible Ink PR

Wild Flip at Cantina Laredo

Bourbon can pair with any type of food. No longer your father’s liquor, bourbon cocktails can be sipped with a big, juicy steak or a delicate seared scallop. Like a good wine, a good bourbon cocktail can play off any  dish or cuisine quite easily.

Currently, Cantina Laredo is celebrating summer with a series of flip cocktails. These cocktails feature a half lime, flipped inside out. The flipped lime holds a shot of liquor. Wild Flip features bourbon.

According to Edible PR, the Wild Flip contains “Wild Turkey bourbon, Monin blood orange syrup, fresh lemon and simple syrup. It is topped with a Wild Turkey, orange zest, mint leaf and Luxardo cherry line boat.”

This bourbon cocktail is a fantastic change from the typical margarita with Mexican food. The smoky bourbon and the bitter blood orange play off a guacamole quite well. The flavors cut through the richness of the guacamole.

Also, the slight sweetness to the Wild Flip can balance the spiciness of tacos and enchiladas. Not to mention, this bourbon cocktail would be terrific with a bright, fresh ceviche.

The Wild Flip, and the other new flip cocktails, are available in the bar, the second floor lounge and main dining room. The cocktails are $12.75 each.