New McDonald’s premium desserts, a great way to top off your day


Ice cream and summer are a perfect pair. A great way to top off your day is with the new McDonald’s premium desserts.

Delicious any time of the year, ice cream is especially satisfying on a warm, summer day. According to McDonald’s, the famous Golden Arches served 68 million ice cream cones last summer alone. The fast food giant continually looks for new and creative menu items. The new McDonald’s premium desserts will soon become a customer favorite.

Two new McDonald’s desserts have appeared at some Florida locations. The new premium desserts are Turtle Brownie Sundae and Strawberry Shortcake Sundae. Beber Silverstein Group, from Miami, confirmed that these sundaes are new and have launched in Florida.

McDonald’s Premium Desserts, Turtle Brownie Sundae & Strawberry Shortcake Sundae, photo from Beber Silverstein Group

An indulgent treat, these sundaes feature classic flavors. The Turtle Brownie Sundae has chocolate chip brownie bites, topped with soft serve. Hot caramel and hot fudge cover the soft serve. The dessert is finished with salted pecans and whipped topping. The Strawberry Shortcake Sundae starts with white cake, which is topped with soft serve. Strawberry topping and whipped topping finish the sundae.

These two new sundaes are another example of McDonald’s menu expansion. From the new signature sandwiches to the all-day breakfast menu, McDonald’s wants to attract a wide variety of customers. These sundaes seem to fit into the new direction.

Based on the picture in the press release that I received, the sundaes look quite good. Truthfully, sundaes, even bad ones, are still tasty. I think that brownies and the cake will be the key. Everyone knows that McDonald’s soft serve is yummy. But, brownies and cake aren’t usually on the McDonald’s menu. As long as those two ingredients are soft, chewy and flavorful, McDonald’s has another hit.

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If I see these new McDonald’s premium sundaes on my next trip, I will try one. Who cares about calories? I can’t resist ice cream during the summer. Plus, a sundae is a great way to top off my day.