Fried potatoes might kill me but I won’t stop eating them


Another food to take off the dining plan. Studies say fried potatoes can kill me, but I can’t stop eating them.

Think of your meals last week. I would bet at least one meal had a fried potatoes in it. French fries, hash-browns and breakfast potatoes are common sides. In a recently released study, researchers report those golden, crispy potatoes can kill you.

After reading a few articles on the subject, the science behind it makes sense. A starchy potato can absorb more oil causing a chemical change to the vegetable. I’m not a scientist, but I can follow the logic. Oil and chemicals are bad for me. But, what isn’t bad for my health?

Artisan Bread, South Beach Wine & Food Festival, photo by Cristine Struble

Every week another study reports a food, beverage or cuisine that will shorten my life. This week is fried potatoes. Previously it has been bacon, gluten, cocktails and a million others. If I eliminate everything on these lists, I might be left with a very limited, boring diet.

While all these studies make for an interesting conversation, I want to enjoy life and eat all types of food. Life is too short to avoid every bite that could cut my life expectancy by a few weeks.

When people question my eating choices, I reflect back to my grandmother. During her 90 plus years on earth, she lived her way. If she wanted tons of butter and salt in her food, she ate it. If she wanted her daily four o’clock cocktail, she drank it. She lived a long, healthy life and enjoyed all of it.

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Based on this recent study, I won’t be cutting all fried potatoes out of my diet. As for everyone else, the choice is your own. But, duck fat fries are one of life’s guilty eats that everyone should have at least once.