Men’s favorite foods for Father’s Day, skip the kale


What foods do men truly want to eat? Men’s favorite foods tend to be straightforward, simple and hearty.

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, men’s favorite things are a popular topic. From the best gifts to favorite restaurants, Father’s Day lists are plentiful. But, what do dads, all men really, want to eat. Men’s favorite foods aren’t too difficult to determine.

To comply this list, we used a scientifically inaccurate method. Based on opinions from family, friends and some random guys at restaurants, this list of favorite foods came to be. The food trends on this list fell into one major category, meat. Sorry kale, tofu and the garden salad, these foods didn’t make the cut. But, big, juicy cuts of red meat are the foods that men crave.

Of course, this list is just the thoughts of the men that we asked. I’m sure many men enjoy a beet salad with goat cheese. Feel free to disagree, agree or share your opinions. A spirited conversation is always welcome.

If there’s a carnivore loving man in your house, check out these foods that men want to find on their dinner plate.

Ribeye steak, men’s favorite foods, photo by Cristine Struble

Ribeye steak

The perfect sear with even grill marks is visually stunning. As you cut, a faultlessly medium rare color is revealed. The first bite melts in your mouth. The ribeye steak is a favorite man food. Whether bone in or boneless, this cut of meat is a favorite with home cooks and restaurants. The only way to ruin this red meat is to overcook it.

Charcuterie platter

Don’t let the French word fool you. A charcuterie platter is a big plate of meat and cheese. Tempt the man in your life with cured cuts of salami, prosciutto or sausage. A few bites of sharp cheddar or creamy Gouda balances all the meat. Lastly a pickle or pickled vegetable can make anyone feel a little less guilty eating all the delicacies. Enjoyed with a craft beer, this charcuterie platter, or meat and cheese plate, is a meal itself.


A good pizza can be transforming. Sorry, mass pizza chains, we aren’t talking about the hot and ready kind. We are talking about the thin crunchy hot out of the pizza oven kind. Or, the thick buttery crust of Chicago deep dish. Everyone has their preference. Fold the slice, add extra cheese, or load every ingredient possible into the pie. Our pick for a must try pizza that will leave you speechless, Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago.

Gourmet burgers, men’s favorite foods, photo by Cristine Struble

Gourmet burger

Burgers can be a controversial topic. While many chains expand their burger types, a gourmet burger can be a bite of nirvana. The blend of meat, the right amount of cheese and the balance of toppings creates a memorable bite. Some people want a crunchy topping, like potato chips. Others seek the perfect bun. When you find a favorite, people will go back time and again. A must stop for burger lovers, Au Cherval in Chicago.


The sizzle from the plate calls from across the restaurant. As the aroma comes closer, your stomach grumbles. Flavorful fajitas are a favorite man food. Putting together the balanced bite of meat, grilled vegetables and toppings can be a work of art. With this dish, men can play (put together) their food however they please. Just don’t touch those hot platters. A burnt finger can take away from enjoying the dish.

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This list is just our thoughts on men’s favorite foods. We could go on and on with breakfasts, desserts or just an entire list of sausages. Instead of talking about food, we’re going to go eat a delicious Father’s Day meal.