Perfect martini tips, three ingredients to cheers National Martini Day


The classic cocktail contains just three ingredients. To master this cocktail, a few perfect martini tips can make you a star of the bar.

The martini is a classic cocktail. The original recipes call for just three ingredients, gin, vermouth and a twist. But, simplicity leaves the mixologist no place to hide. June 19 is National Martini Day. With a few perfect martini tips, this classic cocktail is ready for its celebration.

Martinis began as just the three ingredient variety. A classic martini contains gin. The basic ratio is 4 parts gin to 1 part vermouth. The lemon garnish is usually a twist, adds a slight citrus flavor to the cocktail.

Over time, the martini evolved. Gin was replaced with vodka. Other garnishes, like olives, swapped for the lemon. Today, a modern martini can be almost any cocktail served in a martini glass. The suffix, tini, can be seen in many cocktails. Like the appletinis, these concoctions can be far from the classic martini.

But, a classic martini is a cocktail that any bartender, mixologist or host should master. A few tips can make the classic cocktail go from mediocre to sensational.

perfect martini tips, photo provided by Sullivans Steakhouse Naperville, Zapwater PR

James Bond was wrong

1. Stir, don’t shake
Even if you aren’t a James Bond fan, everyone knows the phrase, vodka martini, shaken not stirred. But, shaking a classic three ingredient martini isn’t a good idea. Vigorous shaking can cause too many ice pieces to go into the cocktail. The extra ice dilutes the cocktail. Quickly stir the cocktail to release the gin’s botanicals. Try it and taste the difference.

2. Ice matters
Ever look at a piece of ice? Some ice cubes are beautifully clear and others are cloudy. Those pretty clear ice cubes make a better cocktail. Of course, you can buy some really expensive ice, but that option can be impractical. Many companies, like Tovolo’s Clear Ice System, offer systems  that can easily create clear ice at home.

3. Ingredients matter
Would you put corn and chocolate together? Probably not. The same idea works for cocktails. Every type of gin has a particular flavor and so does vermouth. Thoughtfully pairing the two liquors will make a better tasting cocktail. Try various types of gins and vermouths to determine which flavors you like. Price, a pretty bottle or great advertising doesn’t mean that gin is the right one for you. Only through trial and error can you find the combination that you like best.

4. Strain it, don’t dump it
After rapidly stirring the perfect combinations of liquor with crystal clear ice, don’t just dump the cocktail in the glass. There is a reason that bar set has a strainer. Strain the classic martini into the martini glass. No little ice chips will be left to dilute your perfect cocktail. If you have any left in the shaker, serve it as a sidecar.

5. Perfect the twist
The bright lemon twist floating in the classic martini makes for a lovely presentation. But, making that twist has baffled at home bartenders. If you aren’t confident using a knife to peel off a piece of lemon peel, the Microplane Ultimate Bar Tool is for you. With this bar tool, twists of all sizes are a simple to create. It makes quick work of all your cocktail garnishes. A perfect martini is yours to master.

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These perfect martini tips can elevate your next martini. National Martini Day is a great reason to stir up this classic cocktail. Cheers.