Boba Teashake: world’s most expensive bubble tea


Bubble tea, the delicious Taiwanese tea with tapioca pearls, gets the ultimate five star makeover. TEALEAVES and St. Regis San Francisco collaborated to create, Boba Teashake, the world’s most expensive bubble tea.

Bubble tea, or boba tea, is a popular beverage. The Taiwanese tea is easily identifiable with its tapioca pearls in the bottom of the drink. Generally, bubble tea is either a sweetened milk tea or a sweetened fruit tea. Usually, these teas are quite tasty and affordable. But, Boba Teashake is an exception.

Part of the San Francisco Design Week, TEALEAVES and St. Regis San Francisco partnered to create the world’s most expensive bubble tea. The Boba Teashake, Lychee Passionfruit Bubble Tea blend, retails for $23.95 USD/100g. The elevated bubble tea takes the humble tea to an extraordinary level.

Presented with the challenge the Design Week challenge of “question everything,” this collaboration takes a ordinary tea to the ultimate in luxury. The elevated tea comes from exquisite ingredients, attention to detail and the willingness to want more.

According to TEALEAVES CEO Lana Sutherland, “creating the World’s Most Expensive Bubble Tea is not an end destination, but a forever-aspiration. It’s about craftsmanship in the art of tea and culinary, and the never-ending pursuit of perfection.”

The Boba Teashake features Lychee Passionfruit Bubble Tea blend. TEALEAVES focused on quality ingredients to release subtle flavors in the tea. A carefully crafted blend, this bubble tea has layers of flavors that are often seen in a expertly prepared restaurant cuisine. The resulting beverage is not just a delicious tea, but also a luxurious drinking experience.

Creating a “world’s most expensive” dish isn’t a new phenomenon. A simple search can return numerous expensive foods. Burgers, pizza and ice cream sundaes can cost thousands of dollars. The cost of those expensive foods often comes from the copious amounts of high priced ingredients. Gold leaf doesn’t make the ice cream taste better, it just makes the ice cream sundae cost more.

The Boba Teashake has value because of the care and craftsmanship behind the tea. Like an expertly prepared three star Michelin dinner, ingredients, knowledge and presentation come at a price. True, some people see a price and instantly shake their head in disbelief. But, I would challenge people to taste the difference.

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The Boba Teashake collaboration between TEALEAVES and the St. Regis San Francisco is available for purchase on One sip could have you questioning everything.