New SweeTARTS gummies, favorite candy flavors in fun shapes


Life is too short to eat bland candy. The new SweeTARTS gummies allow candy fans a fun way to express themselves.

From rocket ships to school mascots, fun shapes add to candy enjoyment. New SweeTARTS gummies offer that delightful combination. Available in sour and fruity flavors, these gummy candies is a numerous shapes. The newest version of SweeTARTS will be available in stores around December 2017.

SweeTARTS have a loyal and passionate fan base. To help with the new product announcement, Nestle, the parent company of SweeTARTS, choose VidCon for the announcement location. Fans submitted photos from their VidCon experiences. Reflecting fans passions, the images were projected into a mosaic installation.

With tag lines like, “follow your tart,” or “a craving for strange.” SweeTARTS appeals to people who follow their passion. The tart and tangy flavors are far from the ordinary, just like their fans. In a sea of sameness, this candy and their fans want to stand out in a crowd.

This new gummy candy is just one new announcement from the SweeTARTs brand. Earlier this year, SweeTARTS whipped and tangy candies debuted at Sweets and Snacks Expo. The whipped SweeTARTS had a fluffy, light consistency. These candies are the perfect marriage of a gummy and marshmallow. Describing a candy as air-like is strange, but it’s a good comparison. These sweet and sour candies were a personal favorite and quite addicting. Eating just a couple did not happen.

These two new versions of a favorite classic candy show how a brand needs to adapt. Of course, the classic candy won’t disappear. But, companies needs to find ways to keep and bring in new fans.

Building on the popular flavors fans love, the new texture creates a new market. For example, a person who only doesn’t like the harder version of SweeTARTS may try these candies because they love gummies. Additionally, a SweeTARTS fan will try the new gummies because they love SweeTARTS.

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Are you ready to follow your tart? Try the new SweeTARTS gummies and SweeTARTS whipped and tangy. Maybe you will start the hottest trend amongst your friends.