WienerDrone promotes the love of Oscar Mayer hot dogs


Hot dogs are a favorite summer food. To promote the new Oscar Mayer hot dogs, the WeinerFleet hits the road for fan taste tests with a new WienerDrone.

A glimpse of the iconic WeinerMobile driving down the road can make anyone smile. The WienerMobile is the iconic symbol of the Oscar Mayer brand. But, even a classic needs to keep up with trends. To announce the Oscar Mayer hot dogs recipe change, the company sends its expanded WienerFleet, including the WeinerDrone, out to meet fans.

Consumers are ingredient savvy. Fresh ingredients at an affordable price are a priority for families. At the same time, certain foods are ingrained into our culture. Hot dogs are a favorite with kids, one of the top five summer foods and a popular choice for a quick dinner. Still, consumers want this iconic food to be better for them.

Earlier this year, Oscar Mayer chose to change its recipe. This decision showed the company’s commitment to a better product. On May 1, the new Oscar Mayer hot dog recipe is free from added nitrates, by-products, artificial preservatives and nitrites (“except those naturally incurring in celery juice”). Even with the recipe changes, Oscar Mayer did not change its price.

Summer and hot dogs are a perfect pairing. Staring in Wiener, Arkansas, the WienerFleet treks across America to bring better hot dogs to everyone. Just like the recipe changes, the WeinerFleet adapts to the changing times. A WienerDrone and WienerCycle joined the other vehicles. With the WienerDrone, hot dogs can be delivered to the even an out of the way location.

According to Greg Guidotti, head of marketing at Oscar Mayer, “we’ve expanded our Oscar Mayer fleet, ensuring every American can taste the new recipe because we believe everyone deserves a better hot dog.”

While these vehicles are fun to see driving down the road, the vehicles help connect fans with the brand and its new recipe hot dogs. The summer grilling season is a perfect time to rediscover or reaffirm the love of hot dogs. With a better hot dog recipe, everyone can enjoy this iconic food without worrying about the hot dog ingredients.

As the WienerMobile and its fleet travels across the country, fans can follow the trip on social media. Travel updates can be found @Wienermobile on Twitter. Also, enter for a chance to have the WienerMobile stop by your area with by using the hashtags #ForTheLoveOfHotDogs #contest.

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Time to light up the grill and feel good about the Oscar Mayer hot dogs served. A better hot dog is here to stay. Just leave the ketchup condiment controversy out of it.