New sauce showdown: McDonald’s Sriracha Mac vs. Wendy’s Queso


Fast food favorites, McDonald’s and Wendy’s, get fancy with new sauce offerings.

Ladies first: Wendy’s debuted something entirely new this week and it’s super cheesy. Yes, it’s a whole mini queso menu. Three items that are just covered in Wendy’s queso. As ardent supporters of anything covered in cheese, this is obviously huge news.

In the other corner — mixed metaphors are the order of the day on Friday — we have McDonald’s. The Golden Arches apparently concluded that America’s affinity for kale and Sriracha was not a passing fad and extended the availability of a sandwich featuring their Sriracha Mac sauce nationwide.

Which should you eat first? Which is better? Well that is a personal decision, complicated by the fact that queso and sriracha are complementary but also different eating experiences. (However: Wendy’s queso vs. Chipotle’s queso? Depends how strongly you feel about consistency and/or natural ingredients.)

Like we said, Wendy’s queso menu offers three items. A Bacon Queso Burger — burger, applewood smoked bacon, salsa, red onions, cheddar cheese and, of course, poblano-pepper queso. The Bacon Queso Chicken Sandwich is the same, except with chicken and a jalapeno bun. Enjoy this enticing gif for yourself.

Oh — and you can get Bacon Queso Fries too, which we hope you can figure out for yourself. (Fries + spicy queso + more bacon bits + cheddar cheese.)

Meanwhile, at McDonald’s, you can order a Signature Sriracha sandwich. Looks like a burger — though you can choose between burger, crispy chicken or grilled chicken for your base — with crispy onions and sliced tomato, but then it gets special. Rather than whatever generic lettuce usually tops their burgers, McDonald’s is topping this signature sammy with kale and baby spinach. Then comes the real jewel atop this crown: a “zesty, spicy Sriracha Mac sauce.”

The zesty, spicy Sriracha Mac sauce is not limited to consumers of the kale-accented Sriracha sandwich. No, you can also get that bad boy with your chicken nuggets, bless.

Which would you rather? Well, with three meals in a day and seven days in a week, there’s no reason you can’t try both.