Get ready to burn your mouth on Totino’s bacon mac and cheese pizza rolls


Totino’s is debuting a new flavor of pizza rolls, stuffed with bacon mac and cheese.

Pizza rolls are one of the great frozen snacks and Totino’s is the master of pizza snacks that will inevitably burn your mouth past the point of taste. Stuffed with cheese and red sauce, and sometimes pepperoni — you know, pizza things — will always be a classic choice, but sometimes you just have to mix things up a little bit. Totino’s knows that. That’s why the brand is introducing Bacon Mac and Cheese Pizza Rolls.

Mac and cheese, forever-favorite of the kid’s menu and bougie restaurants alike, is on a snack streak. And while Mac N Cheetos were a terrible idea, we have high hopes for Totino’s Mac and Cheese Pizza Rolls. Plus, bacon. Never forget the bacon.

Bacon Mac and Cheese Pizza Rolls will arrive in grocery stores nationwide in packs of 40 or 90 this summer. (Obviously, just be honest with yourself and get the 90-pack.) Totino’s hopes to fully stock stores across America by October.

Totino’s already offers cheese, triple cheese, pepperoni, triple pepperoni and sausage flavors. Not to mention Combination (sausage and pepperoni) and Supreme (sausage, pepperoni and veggie) flavors. Truly, the frozen snack company is a company of givers.

Pizza rolls are also, of course, notorious for being supremely hot when you finish heating them up. No matter how you time it, no matter if you truly believe the exterior to be a reasonable — even cold — temperature, the insides will scald your tongue and the roof of your mouth. That’s just how it works. Don’t pretend it stops you from buying them or burning your mouth every time.

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While mac and cheese isn’t as conspicuously absent from the frozen snack food aisle as it is from fast food menus, it’s always a delight to see another mac and cheese snack.