McDonald’s releases new Sriracha Mac Sauce, because Millennials


McDonald’s is offering new Sriracha Mac Sauce, so consider this the start of a brand new way of living your life.

If you’ve been waiting your whole life for McDonald’s to deliver a brand new sauce that makes you feel both satisfied and also trendy, then today is your day.

McDonald’s is changing things up to get with the times, introducing Sriracha into their menu. TO go full hipster nostalgia, the chain has created what its calling Sriracha Mac Sauce because it checks a few marketing boxes.

  • Appeals to millennial market — check
  • Plays on nostalgia of the Big Mac — check
  • New product that people will want to try — check

Of course, this move can easily be smacked down as nothing more than a dinosaur fast food chain arriving way late to the party. Sriracha was the hot new trend years ago, and is now something that isn’t an edgy new thing everyone uses. Also the Big Mac isn’t really something you sit and thinking longingly about, so the nostalgia is thin.

Still, McDonald’s knows the marketplace and they’re (if nothing else) catching back up with the pack. This is a strategy that has already produced new ‘artisan’ menu options like premium chicken sandwich options and gourmet burgers.

Give it a decade and McDonald’s will unveil it’s trendy new avocado side dish.

The fast food chain released a hype video for their new sauce, because of course:

Have you tried the new Sriracha Sauce? Let us know if it lives up to any sort of expectation you may have for it.