Taco Bell is introducing spicy Pop Rocks in an effort to kill us all


Taco Bell is never afraid to come flying off the top rope with cray concoctions, with spicy Pop Rocks perhaps topping the list.

If there’s one thing we can always rely on in the world, it’s Taco Bell never changing its tune. For years the fast food industry has been clawing as the walls to try and change perceptions about the product its selling.

But then there’s Taco Bell, who see your artisan burger rolls and hipster Mac sauce and raise you spicy Pop Rocks.

That’s right.

Behold the Taco Bell spicy Pop Rocks that are being rolled out in test markets across America:

Just like everything Taco Bell does, this is simultaneously disgusting but also something that will almost certainly be in my body by the end of the week. Say what you will about the stigma Taco Bell has for being nothing more than diarrhea fuel for drunken late nights out, they’re embracing that world with open arms.

There’s literally no other way to explain why Taco Bell has sprinted in the opposite direction of the fast food herd as it tries to be a healthier option. Fast food will never ever be healthy option and Taco Bell isn’t going to sacrifice it’s morals to satisfy a few whiners in society (diabetes and heart disease be damned!).

God bless these spicy Pop Rocks and Taco Bell refusing to conform to anything other than its target audience. They’re like that band that never changes their sound but still somehow sells out venues 30-years into their run.

Don’t pretend like you aren’t interested in trying these. If you do, let us know what you think.