Catch up on Game of Thrones with this incredible coffee cup art


Since the start of season 7, a Columbus artist has been posting coffee cup art inspired by Game of Thrones.

Game of Coffee Cups. Cup O’ Thrones. Call it whatever you want, it’s awesome and it’s all thanks to a man named Josh Hara. Hara, doing the Lord’s work, posts cartoon cup art mashing up coffee addict life and GOT fandom to his Instagram account @yoyoha.

So, you know, the perfect inspo for Monday morning when you’re moving a little slow after watching the previous night’s episode three times and going down the inevitable internet rabbit hole of fan theories. We’ve all been there.

Hara, who lives in Columbus, Ohio, told Delish that he started making the cups back in 2014 while working at an ad agency. The first cups — which would go on to become his #100coffeecups series — were not exclusively GOT-themed, but lately the Thrones cups have caught the eye of Reddit and reached new levels of popularity.

Peruse his episodic cup art below. Hara, ever the considerate artist, take inspiration from the episodes, but takes care to not share any spoilers.

The premiere cup, featuring the Night King with a big order.

Episode 2 featuring Cersei receiving the ultimate Starbucks experience.

Episode 3. We are all Tyrion.

Episode 4.

Episode 5. Puns are coming.

Monday’s coffee art was inspired by none other than the solar eclipse and we can’t fault Hara for focusing on that blindingly exciting event. That said, we do hope that we get another GOT cup sometime this week to mark last night’s major events. With only one more episode left before the show takes a mid-season break, we’ll take any and all Game of Thrones content we can get.

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You can follow Hara on Instagram at @yoyoha or buy travel mugs with his illustrations on them to carry around with you forever. Unfortunately, his GOT cartoons are not yet visible in his store, but there’s always time to get a petition going.