5 foods that are better wrapped in bacon

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Credit: Hillshire Farm / Facebook

Bacon makes everything better and nowhere is that more true than with these five foods.

There are certain foods that will forever be in the pantheon of Guilty Eats. Burgers. Mac and cheese. Fries. But these gods among foods are but the foundation of a guilty eat. The best, truly indulgent delights build upon these giants with toppings and condiments and extras that turn them from good food into something exceptional and delectable. And nothing, no topping or condiment or extra, is a better multiplier of guilty eat excellence than bacon.

Bacon, wonderful on its own and in its own right, makes any and just about all food better. Yes, it can depend on the quality of the bacon — that oddly soggy bacon that comes in cubes can be such a disappointment — but when the bacon is good, the food is the best.

Now, this is a list of five foods that are better wrapped in bacon and what makes this different from any other list of bacon-forward dishes is that we’re really investigating both the “better” and the “wrapped” parts of the statement. Every food is better with bacon, but which are wrapped in bacon? E.g., you will not find bacon mac and cheese on this list because the mac and cheese is not wrapped in bacon. (But also sidebar: Bacon lattice mac and cheese pies do exist and they are pretty great.) And, yes, every food is better wrapped in bacon, but some foods are more better wrapped in bacon than others. (Sidebar again: That is an Animal Farm reference, not bad grammar, but perhaps in poor taste, considering bacon is made from pig.)

In any case, all of this is to say, we’re looking at five foods, in no particular order, that really reach another level when wrapped in bacon. Foods that are fine and well alone but top-notch with bacon.

1. Bacon-wrapped twists

Imagine a breadstick. The thin kind with a twist, not the Olive Garden kind. Now, imagine they were made with puff pastry instead — giving them a lighter, sweeter taste. And then, yes, let’s add some cheese because why not? Add the herbs and spices of your choosing. Now, wait. Is it done? Is it good? No, not really. Now, wrap it all up in bacon. Notice how the bacon twists up nicely around the puff pastry bread-ish twist, nigh perfectly.

We’ve all had puff pastry twists — or something like them. We’ve all munched on those breadstick-like things and all been mostly satisfied. But not one of you could argue that such a stick isn’t objectively better with bacon twisted and wrapped around it too.