5 foods that are better wrapped in bacon

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Credit: The Aberdeen Barn / Facebook

2. Bacon-wrapped strawberries

Strawberries are super strong on their own — a top 5, if not top 3, fruit. But consider the bacon-wrapped strawberry. Kind of unexpected, no? But the salty, smoky taste of bacon pairs delightfully well with the tart sweetness of strawberries. (The true pro move is to then drizzle with whole deal with balsamic vinegar.) It’s the salty-sweet snack rule, it’s undefeated.

Yes, we will admit, bacon and fruit is a more controversial pairing than anything else on this list but sometimes you gotta swing big. And if you’re going to swing big, might as well do so with bacon, a real power hitter. (Or something, this baseball analogy was not especially well thought out.)

See also: Bacon-wrapped grilled apricot; bacon-wrapped pineapple.

3. Bacon-wrapped scallops

Scallops are good. Fine, really. If you like seafood, you probably enjoy scallops. They’re tender, bite-sized, a little sweet and typically grilled or pan-seared and served with a healthy portion of some combination of garlic and lemon. Good stuff.

But bacon-wrapped scallops: Those are excellent stuff. You’ll most likely encounter bacon-wrapped scallops as an appetizer at a nice dinner party, a fancy restaurant or as passed hors-d’oeuvres. In any case, you should absolutely partake — assuming, of course, you like seafood and do not have a shellfish allergy. Bacon-wrapped scallops are the best form of scallops. Scallops are undeniably better wrapped in bacon.

See also: Bacon-wrapped dates; bacon-wrapped water chestnuts.