20 fast food and Netflix pairings for the classiest binge weekend of your life

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Ozark – Wendy’s

Although it has not become yet become a pop culture phenomenon on the scale of House of Cards or Orange is a New Black, Ozark is definitely one of Netflix’s best new shows. A slow-burn crime thriller, the series revolves around Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), a Chicago financial advisor who flees to the Ozarks after his dealings with a Mexican drug cartel go sour. Like Breaking Bad and Fargo before it, the show is excellent at cultivating tension and subverting expectations with stunning narrative twists. But while those qualities make Ozark a compelling watch, they also make it one of TV’s most anxiety-inducing programs.

To make the experience of watching the series a little less nerve-racking, you should hit a local Wendy’s to load up on some fast food. The reason being, when we get majorly stressed out, we crave fatty and salty foods. Wendy’s offerings – which include sea salt-sprinkled fries, bacon and asiago cheese chicken sandwiches, chili cheese-topped baked potatoes and a triple-decker behemoth known as the Baconator – are highly effective at satisfying that particular craving.

Eating Wendy’s and watching a taut thriller like Ozark is one of life’s rare perfect media and food pairings. It’s like popcorn and an action movie or ice cream and a tragic romantic drama. Due to complex chemical interactions, consuming emotionally engrossing TV and high-calorie junk food at the same time results in a reaction that is both intense and sublime. And it’s one you owe it to yourself to experience first-hand.