20 fast food and Netflix pairings for the classiest binge weekend of your life

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Black Mirror – Panera Bread

Like life and boxes of chocolates, you never know exactly what you’re going to get with a new episode of Black Mirror.  Thus far, the acclaimed science/social fiction anthology has produced detective stories, conspiracy thrillers, psychological horror stories, harrowing wartime dramas and achingly beautiful love stories. While that commitment to unpredictability makes Black Mirror one of TV’s most compelling shows, it also makes it hard to prepare for in terms of binge-watching meal plans.

Your best bet to cover all your bases for a Black Mirror binge is to hit up Panera Bread beforehand. The fast casual chain offers a host of delicious edibles that will suit a wide range of viewing experiences. A disturbing horror story about the different ways in which technology is warping our lives would pair well with a hearty and reassuring broccoli and cheddar soup. A riveting potboiler with a killer twist ending would go great with a steak and cheddar panini. And a surprisingly uplifting story about love’s ability to truly conquer all would be perfectly accentuated by an extra rich fudge brownie.

The reality is Black Mirror is just too eclectic. Trying to figure out where it’s going next would be an exercise in futility. The smarter option is to simply admit that you’re going to figure out the shape of a new season by its trailers and make a broad range of food preparations. Create the kind of menu you’d make if you didn’t know if your next day at work would involve your firing or a long-sought promotion to an executive position.