20 fast food and Netflix pairings for the classiest binge weekend of your life

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Netflix’s acclaimed new dramedy GLOW is one of the platform’s most colorful shows. By dint of being set in the wrestling world, the show’s cast is full of larger than life characters. And since it is set in the mid-1980s, the show is full of blindingly bright costumes and set decorations. The series also has a lot of a classic overheated nighttime soap opera elements to it. It’s filled with broken friendships, illicit affairs and shocking reveals. With its candy-coated color scheme and soapy plot turns, the best fast food to consume when watching GLOW is probably some frozen treats from TCBY.

When trying to find the perfect kind of frozen yogurt to go with a GLOW binge-watch, you have two options: thematic or visual. If you want to go to the thematic route, your best bet is to go with some rich and dense flavors like chocolate almond, salted caramel, white chocolate mousse or Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie. Top it with some brownie bits, hot fudge and crushed Oreos as toppings and you’ll have some ideal grub for watching the latest antics of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Alternatively, if you want to evoke the series’ neon and pastel color palette, you should make a TCBY order that is focused more on tropical fruit flavors. Kiwi strawberry, ruby red grapefruit and mango sorbets would be most appropriate. Especially if topped with some diced peaches, gummy bears, strawberries or rainbow sprinkles.

With a few scoops of your chosen frozen yogurt and toppings, you’ll be properly prepared for severally hours of heated arguments, stunning plot twists and surprisingly high impact catfights.