20 fast food and Netflix pairings for the classiest binge weekend of your life

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Sense8 – Jack in the Box

During an all too brief life, Netflix’s Sense8 attracted a diehard cult audience due in part to its dedication to diversity. Its international cast of characters represented a broad range of different races, cultures, sexualities, gender identities and beliefs. The series’ two seasons and Christmas special used that unique broad perspective to explore a range of thorny contemporary issues, including politics, religion and technology. And while the show is broadly a science fiction drama, it also includes elements of conspiracy thriller, police procedural, noir, romance and even Bollywood musical.

To get a culinary experience that matches the eclectic nature of Sense8, you need a fast food place that has a legitimately diverse menu. With its broad array of mismatched offerings, Jack in the Box best fits the bill. While there, you can order cheeseburgers, croissant sandwiches, breakfast burritos, spicy chicken sandwiches, bacon cheddar cheese wedges, mini pancakes, seasoned curly fries, muffins, tacos, French toast, chocolate shakes, hash browns, churros, sodas, blood orange coolers and iced coffee.

With its incredibly versatile menu, Jack’s allows you to design an order that mirrors Sense8’s vivid diversity. If you want to binge watch your favorite unclassifiable show with all breakfast foods and desserts, you can do that. If you want to enjoy the show with a modest assortment of international-ish foods, you can do that. If you want to celebrate the series’ final episodes with an epic half-the-menu mash-up feast, you can do that too. Like Sense8, the fun of Jack in the Box comes from seeing what happens when a bunch of seemingly random things are brought together for a greater purpose.