20 fast food and Netflix pairings for the classiest binge weekend of your life

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Stranger Things – Sonic Drive-In

Although excellent, Stranger Things isn’t a particularly original show. It borrows many of its plot elements from various Stephen King novels. Its visual aesthetic and music are clearly influenced by the works of John Carpenter. And its plucky tween protagonists, a heady mix of suburban idyll, terror and wide-eyed wonder, are lifted from Steven Spielberg’s 80s output. However, what the series lacks in originality, it more than makes up for with its intelligence, humor and emotional resonance. Ultimately, Stranger Things is so good at what it does, the fact that it innovates more that originates doesn’t matter.

Similarly, Sonic Drive-In trucks in the aesthetics of a bygone era while also offering an idiomatic dining experience. Its exotically-flavored soft drinks menu is both familiar and strikingly modern. Its Texas toast bacon cheeseburger has a unique texture and flavor profile. Its chili cheese fries are far more savory than those found at your local greasy spoon. Its crispy corndogs taste even better than the ones in all of your childhood memories. And it’s incredibly thick milkshakes are colder, creamier and more delicious than you ever could’ve hoped.

Both the drive-in and the TV show promise an experience that seems cliché, but is in actuality more far more compelling and interesting than it looks. Both utilize old school iconography and modern-day presentation techniques to create something that feels more progressive than regressive. And both provide immense satisfaction for your inner child. Consequently, few things go together as well as a season of Stranger Things and some choice selections from Sonic.