20 fast food and Netflix pairings for the classiest binge weekend of your life

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The Crown – Five Guys

With a reported cost of $13 million per episode, Netflix’s lush biographical drama The Crown is one of the most expensive television shows in the history of the medium. While the show does feature some high-profile talent in front of and behind the camera, it’s clear that most of the series’ budget ends up on screen.

The gorgeous set decoration, ornate period costuming, subtle but extensive use of CGI and epic set pieces set The Crown apart from everything else on the contemporary TV landscape. When watching such an opulent series, something from the value menu simply won’t do. When binge-watching The Crown, you need to chow down on some truly luxurious fast food. That means paying a visit to Five Guys.

Whereas the other fast food joints brag about having a deluxe six dollar burger, that’s the starting price for a regular hamburger at Five Guys. Hell, a plain Five Guys hot dog costs more than a Big Mac. But, despite their comparatively high prices, the company’s food really is worth the money. The portion size of their meals is huge, with seemingly an entire bag of potatoes going into each order of fries. And its iconic burgers really do live up to the hype. They are thick, juicy and grilled to perfection. Plus, the chain’s wide assortment of toppings means that you can easily design a stacked burger that would be fit for a grand monarch.

Eating a beautifully crafted Five Guys double bacon cheeseburger while binge-watching The Crown is closest Americans can get to the experience of being a royal.