So are we going to be able to buy Buffalo Wings at Arby’s now?


Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings are merging together, which is the kind of fast food marriage we all deserve.

In today’s edition of bizarre crossovers that you never saw coming, Arby’s is in the final stages of buying out Buffalo Wild Wings.

That’s right, the Roast Beef king of continent is about to own one of the largest commercial sports bars in the world.

The deal is expected to be closed in the early months of 2018. Putting the financials of it aside (because no one really cares) the real question we all have is does this mean we’re going to get a merger of menus?

Probably not, but can you imagine? It would be amazing to go into Arby’s and get both truly fries and some buffalo wings. Assuming that you hate your digestion system that much, the possibilities are endless as to what combinations you could cook up.

The idea of two major franchises coming together isn’t really that bizarre. We’ve been living in a world for about two decades where Taco Bell and/or Pizza Hut are typically combined in the same real estate. No two things are as aggressively less like the other than any combination of fried chicken, pizza and tacos.

So while it may seem weird that Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings are merging together, this might simply be more or less a case where one store is adding another to it’s revenue well. This also means that those College Football bowl games that are sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings will now filter through Arby’s — probably in cash flow only and not name.

We can still dream of a world where Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings are within an earshot of each other.