3 other fast food chains that need to join forces to take over the world

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Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings are in the midst of a merger, but which other fast food giants need to team up and attempt world domination?

When companies merge together, it always presents an opportunity for cross brand promotion. When fast food brands crossover, it opens up a world of possibilities that we never thought possible but can’t stop obsessing over.

Case in point: Arby’s — proving they indeed want the meats — is buying Buffalo Wild Wings. The immediate thought is will we be able to buy wings at Arby’s now? It’s unlikely that we will, but that got our minds working towards what other fast food crossovers we’d want to see.

Subway (or Quiznos) and Chipotle

What a simpler time in America. The most scandalous thing going on in the country was Subway trying to make its bones by dogging McDonald’s in a not so subtle way. Really, Subway was ahead of its time. Today we see these sorts of shots across the bow between brands on social media all the time. Just the other day Wendy’s ethered McDonald’s for screwing up a Black Friday tweet, but there was nothing subtle about it.

Of course, this ad came before we all knew that Subway was stuffing its food full of artificial flavorings and only half the meat was actually mostly plastic. It’s easy to avoid being a heavy meal when most of your bread is made of yoga mat materials.

Speaking of places that have publicly tried to save face — Chipotle should join forces with Subway.

Think about it. Two embattled franchises trying to take over the world together. You’d have the strongest PR team in the fast food game given everything these two brands have gone through.

How easy would it be to crossover Chipotle and Subway without even changing up the process of making the food? They’re both assembly line operations, so you could just call up which restaurant you wanted and go from there.

Feasibility: This makes absolutely too much sense to not happen. It’ll probably crash and burn but that’s the risk you take when you throw Chipotle and Subway together and shake things up.