3 other fast food chains that need to join forces to take over the world

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Little Caesar’s and Long John Silver’s

Look at all the happy things happening to this guy in that ad.

  • He finds a wallet
  • The ladies want him
  • Flying dogs use him as a helipad
  • Free. Crazy. Bread.

It’s also nice to know that the prices at Little Caesar’s haven’t changed much over the years. Two pizzas for basically $10 is pretty much what they’re slinging nowadays, and that ad is from the early 90s.

Combining all the happy things from that ad with another nostalgic 90s joint — Long John Sliver’s — seems to be a match made in heaven. It follows the criteria that the two places can’t serve up similar cuisine and it plays hard for the remember when vibes that tend to makes millennial weak in the knees.

Feasibility: This needs to happen. No two places need each other more and don’t even know it that Little Caesar’s and Long John Silver. They’re the epitome of places you don’t remember until you pass one by, so what better sales pitch to potential fast food patrons than to double up and offer the best of both worlds?

This just absolutely needs to happen, as no bad things could possibly come from such a fantastic marriage of two brands.