3 other fast food chains that need to join forces to take over the world

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McDonalds and Burger King

I mean, do we really need to sketch this one out for you? The Steph Curry commercial from the 90s should have been on-the-nose enough to get across the superteam angle in play here. This sort of violates the rule of not wanting to cross similar brands but it’s just too good to pass up. Forget Kevin Durant and the Warriors, there would be no bigger heel turn than seeing a Whopper show up next to a Big Mac on a fast food menu.

McDonald’s is a $25 billion (!!!) revenue machine, while Burger King has over 15,000 locations worldwide, which combined with McDonald’s locations means there would be over 8,000 stores per continent. That’s about as close to global domination as it gets, and it needs to happen.

Both McDonald’s and Burger King would have a chance to join forces and turn their individual franchises into the Golden State Warriors of fast food operations. There’s no way that they don’t at least double the revenue that McDonald’s already pulls in, which would make it one of the most successful business ventures in the world. Pride would have to be swallowed, but that’s a price you pay when joining forces to try and take over the world — one Big Mac and Whopper at a time.

Feasibility: It’s never ever going to happen, but what’s life if we don’t have dreams?