Mother’s Day gifts: Still need them? Godiva has your back!


It’s the day before Mother’s Day and that moment you realize you got nothing. Don’t panic buy your Mother’s Day gifts at the store. Godiva has your back.

Mother’s Day is tomorrow. If you’re anything like me, you completely forgot about it and now realize you have to buy a gift for your wife from your 5-year-old and 2-year-old. Not great! It’s usually the time that you end up panic buying in the store and realize that all the best chocolate is gone…because Mother’s Day is incomplete without chocolate.

Well, Godiva understands and completely has your back. You can order online and still get it in time for tomorrow.

(Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

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Yes, really!

The catch is, you’ll need to live next to a Godiva store. But the great news is you can order online and get the chocolates from that store. You get to shop in the peace and quiet of your home—and allow the children to attempt to help and choose the most expensive items on the list—and quickly rush out just to pick up your chocolates.

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And it’s not just chocolates. There is a beautiful Ted Baker chocolate and flower gift box and a jewelry box set for those who want something extra special. Then there are the personalized options, which you can still get right now. We also can’t forget the chocolate-covered strawberries for the moms that are totally on a diet and want to feel like they’re sticking to it…and you’re happy to oblige—that would be my wife, by the way!

It’s not too late to get extra special Mother’s Day gifts. Godiva will always have your back.

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Are you still looking for beautiful and delicious Mother’s Day gifts? Do you have a Godiva store near you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.