National Quiche Lorraine Day: What is quiche Lorraine?


On the 20 of May, it is National Quiche Lorraine Day. But what exactly is quiche Lorraine? Is it not just a normal quiche?

When I checked out what National Food Holiday today was I was surprised to find myself a bit baffled. Today, May 20, is National Quiche Lorraine Day. A day that left me confused. What the hell is a quiche Lorraine?

Now I know what a quiche is. It’s a wonderful, tasty dish I have made many times. But it was the Lorraine part that confused me. Was it not just a normal quiche? What makes a quiche different from a quiche Lorraine?

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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What is quiche Lorraine?

So as we do with most things to life I turned to “Ask Jeeves.” Ha, no I didn’t do that. I turned to Google.

And low and behold it turns out that quiche Lorraine is a defined dish. By definition, a quiche Lorraine is a quiche made with cheese and bacon.

So basically it is a normal quiche. The only difference is quiche Lorraine is a very specific type of quiche. For example, if you make a cheese or a tuna quiche, it is just quiche. Make a cheese and bacon quiche and it is quiche Lorraine.

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Food is funny like that. The most random dishes are given unique names while others, that are pretty much the same, are not.

So there you have it. What is quiche Lorraine? Well, it is just quiche really. You just make it with cheese and bacon rather than any other ingredients out there.

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Will you be making on this National Quiche Lorraine Day? If so will you mix things u a bit and throw in an extra ingredient? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.