Why does Cadbury’s Dairy Milk taste different in the UK and USA?


If you taste Dairy Milk in the UK and then grab a US version, you will taste a difference, despite Hershey’s claims that there isn’t. Since there’s little difference between the ingredients, just how is this possible?

Have you ever noticed that Cadbury’s Dairy Milk tastes different in the UK than it does in the USA? Hershey’s claims that this isn’t the case, but you can’t argue with the taste buds. If you blindfolded people and gave them a taste test (and I’ve done it), they will tell you there’s something different about the chocolate.

And while Hershey’s claims that the basic ingredients are the same, there’s no denying that the fat content in the UK version is higher. The cocoa content is also different. This comes from the different types of fats that are used. Hershey can only use cocoa butter because of FDA regulations, but the UK can use palm oil, shea butter, and other ingredients. Immediately, it’s possible to see the difference.

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I write this as a Brit who has moved across the Atlantic, so I’ve tried both and do recognize the difference. However, there is a change coming with the British version of the chocolate due to a change of ownership of Cadbury’s. The chocolate isn’t the same, but it’s still better than the American version.

There is more of a cocoa taste with the American version and this has to be linked to the cocoa butter. If you ever have the chance to taste the UK version, you’ll definitely want to take up the opportunity. There’s a creamy taste that literally lingers for minutes after. It’s the creaminess that makes you want more. You also get a sweet taste that just isn’t as sickly as the American version.

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Those with slightly more muted taste buds may not initially tell the difference if you know what you’re eating. I encourage you to try the two with a blindfold and let your taste buds take over. Tell whoever is there with you not to tell you which one you’re trying, so you really get to experience the full effects of the different ingredients.

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Do you taste a difference between American and British chocolate? Which one do you prefer the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.